Welcome to my page!

A picture of me wearing sunglasses in Disney World's Animal Kingdom

Hi, I'm Sami! I am a Communications major at Saint Joseph's University and I am currently looking into social media marketing and public relation jobs. My dream job would be a company such as Buzzfeed.

About Me

I grew up in a suburb just outside of Philadelphia, so Philly has my heart. I love doing everything in the city from shopping to attenting sporting events. I've been to more Philadelphia 76ers games than I can count. This city is very unique in that we have such a special bond and sense of community. I love being a part of something bigger than myself, whether it be a sports fan base or a team of employees at work.

Personality Traits

Confident but not Cocky

Professional but not Boring

Driven but not Uptight

Strong but not Stubborn

Friendly but not Informal

Bold but not Outlandish


What I Love Right Now

A word map of all of my favorite things including TV shows, foods, musical artists, and more

This image is a word map of all of my favorite things including TV shows such as The Office, movies such as Star Wars, foods such as soup dumplings, musical artists such as One Direction, and dogs. Also, below is an image I took of my dog on the beach.

black dog on beach