First Reflection Essay

Writing this resume has definitely challenged my previous notions of writing in more ways than I ever thought possible, but I also learned an enormous amount. For example, writing for print is completely different than writing for the web. Writing for web includes so much more. The font choices have to be able to pair up nicely and the colors have to be able to display properly on the screen. In addition, accessibility features are completely different. While writing for print may include features such as braille or color blind options, web writing should include features such as alt text and fonts that can be clearly legible. Writing for the web is also different than writing for print because more creative options are encouraged more for a website than something printed such as a novel. The process of coding also adds a completely different style as well. Creating a website through generic website makers is much quicker, but there are less styling options. One of the bittersweet things about coding is that you can make your page look however you want with no limits. This is amazing in theory, but I have also learned that it takes a lot of work to make even a simple web page, let alone a more complex one. However, coding is very rewarding when done correctly and beneficial to both the creator and the viewer of the content. Through making my resume, I learned a lot about visual presentation and human centered design. I learned which fonts represented more professional vibes, which ones represented more fun vibes, and which ones conveyed a bit of both (the ones I chose). In addition, I learned that coding color schemes can be rewarding because you can choose it according to how you view yourself as a person and how you want to be represented. Hypothetically, I could make each letter of this sentence a different color if I wanted to, but I also learned enough that I know not to do that because it is childish. Overall I learned a lot from this segment and I am excited to see what we learn in the upcoming second half of the semester.

Second Refection Essay

My progress so far has been very successful. I used to fear coding, but now I am extremely confident in my abilities to perform the tasks we have done so far in class. I’m sure we will tackle much more complex coding later on in the semester, but for right now, I think it’s safe to say that I am proud of myself and what I have achieved thus far. I went from not knowing anything at all about coding to helping other people with their html brackets and div tags. I even went above and beyond of what was required and I added a border and a shadow to my content area. I think my strongest parts of my resume are my floating div tags. I’m not sure how, but I somehow was able to make my persona statement and resume float left and right on the first try, and then help others make their resumes float as well. I also think my font pairings are very strong. There is very clear legibility and the fonts are very professional. However, I made my content background light purple to add a more unique style. I think the one thing I would have changed if I had more time was linking my Hawk Newspaper articles to words that actually corresponded to the articles instead of the word “here”. I would do this because we recently went over how accessibility features work, and if I just link it to “here”, a blind person would just hear the word “here” twice and not know anything about the actual link. I also would have added links to my poetry published in the Crimson and Gray, but sadly the literary magazine is not published yet and I don’t think it will ever be available online so I have no way of doing that. Right now, I am happy with where I stand in coding. I don’t want to compare myself with others in the class, but I feel as though I am excelling at a pretty high rate because I am usually the one at my table that can help others. For never coding at all before this class started, I am very comfortable with both coding and design so far.