Sami Nigro Resume


Professional Statement

I believe that being kind to people you don't know regardless of appearances, social status, or whether or not you think they're "important" because you never know how you will impact someone else. Also, you never know what someone else is going through, so something as small as a smile or holding a door open can make someone's day. I believe that this applies to the workforce as well. It is important to be friendly and kind because first impressions will make or break how a potential customer, employer, or even co worker views you as an individual.

This belief also applies to my specific line of work, social media marketing and communications. In order to effectively communicate with anyone, regardless of who it is, there must be mutual respect. But while it is important to be professional, I think that being a little relatable and fun when appropriate is also a very effective way to bond. This is why I believe that, contrary to popular opinion, social media does more good than harm. It can be used to connect people from all over the world and build relationships that wouldn't have been possible before.

I have demonstrated this by taking multiple classes at Saint Joseph's University that are focused on human-to-device relationships and, more importantly, human-to-human relationships. I learn new information about social media algorithms every day and adapt to each new update. I have created visual media content for a country club that was used in emails and flyers. More recently, I have started an internship with a family owned trucking company. In my short two months there so far, I have innovated their social media accounts and am currently working on transforming their website.



  • Upper Moreland High School (2016)
  • Saint Joseph's Univeristy (est. 2020)

Work Experience

Philmont Country Club (2015-2018)

  • Taught children how to play tennis.
  • Handled customer financial transactions.
  • Created and edited marketing content.

National Xpress Logistics internship (2019)

  • Managed all social media accounts and created content.
  • Collaborated on marketing strategies for the company.
  • Worked with finances and accounting.


  • Dean's List (Spring 2017-Fall 2018)
  • Employee of the Month
  • Published to The Hawk Newspaper here and here
  • Published in the Crimson and Gray literary magazine
  • Upper Moreland Girl's Tennis Captain (2015-16)


Advanced in:

  • All social media platforms
  • All Microsoft Applications
  • Creative Writing skills (Double-minored in Creative Writing and English)

Proficient in:

  • Spanish and Italian
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Public Speaking
  • Coding using Brackets