First Reflection Essay

My website design and execution is both emotional and responsive. There is a strong emotional level to my website on many levels and it is consistent throughout every page because I have streamlined my website to follow a consistent theme. I chose the color purple as a background and header font color because it is powerful and fun, but I made it a light shade to not be too aggressive and overpowering. The fonts that I chose were also a balance of fancy header fonts and more professional typewriter fonts. I added a picture of myself in my About page that could be misconceived as not professional enough from someone of maybe a business career, but the jobs I am looking for are in the creative and social media field, so it will be appreciated because it is an aesthetically pleasing and Instagram-worthy picture. I gave my layout a streamlined, two-column, float left and right look for it to be easily accessible while using up as much white space as possible without it getting too crammed.

My website is also responsive. It responds to mobile, tablet, and laptop layouts and even changes accordingly. I used appropriate pictures and I did not float left and right on the mobile layout to account for vertical white space. In addition, all of my pictures and links are responsive. I added two simple links in my about page that were woven into words in my paragraphs that work. In addition, in my Portfolio, I added three links to my articles I wrote for The Hawk Newspaper on screenshots of images of the article from the online newspaper. They are all fully functional. Lastly, I added a link to my poetry Instagram that can be accessible through a widget that I implemented into my coding. Lastly, I have a Contact page that would hypothetically let anyone contact me, but I didn’t enter my real email because I don’t want random people emailing me until I am ready to actually step into the real world.

There were not many major changes from my sketches to my actual website. However, there were some crucial minor ones in my Portfolio page. I originally had four boxes: two for hawk articles and two for poems. However, once I realized I could just embed my actual poetry account, I decided to change my layout to two box columns instead of four individual boxes. On the left, I put all of my Hawk Newspaper articles. The right column was reserved for the things that were not journalism related. My poetry Instagram went on the top because that is more important to me, and then my brand sheet that I did for another COM class went underneath. Even though it isn’t exactly how I sketched it, I like how it actually turned out better overall. The only thing I wish I could change is that I want the poetry Instagram link to go right to my Instagram, but instead it goes to the widget website and then to the Instagram. However, I don’t think I can change it because I made the widget through this website, so overall, I am still happy with how it turned out.

Second Reflection Essay

The first major assignment was to complete a coded resume page. Because this was the first full web page that I have ever coded, it took me a very long time. I was constantly learning new things while still trying to retain the older, more basic ones and it was a lot at first to grasp. Floating left and right alone took me over a week to master. However, once my foundation was strong, I was able to move onto the second assignment, which was essentially to do that four more times, add images and links, and make all of my images, links, fonts, and layouts work properly. When we first started the second project, we only had a few weeks left, so naturally I started to panic. To quote Week 12 of my Story of Learning, I was “completely freaking out.” But then it started to sink in that I have already done this. I didn’t need to set up css documents because I could just link the first one. In addition, I could just use the same float left and right format that I had mastered before, and just add images and links that we learned how to do earlier on in class, even if we didn’t necessarily use them for the resume assignment. In what seemed like no time, my website was up and running.

If I had the time or skills, I would have made a few minor changes. I would have made my contact page a bit more aesthetically pleasing and matching the fonts of the rest of the website. However, I just did it through Wufoo, so I copied that template. In addition, I would have added links to the poetry that I wrote for the Crimson and Grey magazine if it was online, but it sadly is not and after asking the main editor, I was told that the magazines usually do not ever make it online, and if they do, it won’t be until several months after it is published. This saddens me because I wanted to showcase my publications. Therefore, I may have even posted a picture of my published poems in the magazine and added the full alt text of the poem if I would have had the time to figure out how to make that aesthetically pleasing.

Going forward, I don’t have many suggestions. I liked how we were in tables and always helped each other. However, I do have one minor suggestion that I think would be beneficial. In the second to last class, we were out in groups based on what we wanted to work on in class that day. I think that was very beneficial and maybe if you did a few more classes like that towards the end of the semester it would be beneficial to everyone, including you, because then you could just come to a table and show everyone how to do something simultaneously instead of having to go around to each individual person and help them when they need your assistance. Other than that, I think this class was very effective and I enjoyed it even though I thought it was going to be a nightmare.